Athina : 25. – 27. Juni 2003 (larger event)


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MINDSCAPE - A theatrical performance  


Initiated by the platform culture central europe, hosted by the Hellenic EU-Presidency, the theatrical performance MINDSCAPE brought together most famous groups, actresses and actors from 7 European countries, right into the heart of Athens, into the Roman Agora. Emphasizing the original function of the Roman Agora the performance was staged as a market place, and became a market place of theatre. The objects of trading however were scenes made out of thoughts, interpretations, dialogues and confrontations, dealing with the theme “biography”. All in all the audience experienced a marvel of movements and images, a theatrical performance particularly designed for the occasion and the Roman Agora, in a setting never seen before.
MINDSCAPE focused on the fascinating theatrical and cultural heritage Central European countries have offered the world in the Twentieth Century. It was a tribute to the diversity of European landscapes and the mindscapes of it’s people. With MINDSCAPE the platform culture central europe continued introducing the joining countries of Central Europe, featuring Europe’s cultural spirit, contributing to a dialogue and to a cultural partnership within Europe.

The acts
“The audience - or rather the participants - were welcomed at the reception by an actor and were invited to take a theatrical walk around the marketplace, attending small scenes. The different scenes or leitmotifs were performed all at the same time but in different areas of the Agora. A common “spirit” was created: the audience walking, talking and artists performing, shouting or dancing, accompanied by live music and light”, according to Mr. Beda Percht, the artistic director of MINDSCAPE.
At a special moment the “Table of Friendship” was revealed by the actors giving time for talking, reflecting and refreshing with water, wine and bread, offered to the audience while awaiting the finale – a theatre of movement and images to the powerful live performance of the French composer Thierry Zaboitzeff, set to light by the Greek designers from Orama.

The conceptual background
The main source of inspiration was the work of the polish director Jerzy Grotowski. The project interpreted his teachings as personally rooted expressions of an underlying universal creative process. Grotowski’s most influential work circled around the „Poor Theatre“ having inspired many of the theatrical movements in the 1960s and 1970s, such as Julian Beck’s Living Theatre in New York, Eugenio Barba´s OdinTtheatre or Peter Brook. Grotowski also developed the „Paratheater“ or as he called it „project-events“ and „active culture“ , a form we today refer to as „events“. The work of Jerzy Grotowski is loosely rooted in developments that had long since existed in Central Europe and finally led to the foundation of the Actor’s Studio in Hollywood, where with the most influential method actors like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Robert de Niro and Dustin Hoffman were trained.
Basic contributions to the movements of Dadaism and Surrealism were made by Central European artists such as philosophers, writers, painters and photographers. And in fact the mastermind Guillaume Apollinaire was born by a polish mother.

The method
The actors have been invited to prepare their scenes for the Theatrical Walk using the method of Grotowski (Poor Theatre). They work on the general theme biography, their own biography in combination with the biography of a theatrical person of interest from their country. In the process of the rehearsal, starting 10 days before the event, they will meet for the first time and develop the performance on the spot at the Roman Agora.

The performers
Austria Ensemble Cataracts
Czech Republic M.U.T. (Marek Metejka and Katerina Duskova)
Greece Myrto Dimitriadou
Hungary Artus Company
Poland Cogitatur Theatre
Slovakia Phenomenon Theatre
Slovenia Snjezana Premus

The team
Concept/artistic director Beda Percht
Choreography Sandra Hofstötter
Production design Janett Sumbera
Sound/composition Thierry Zaboitzeff
Public relations Annelies Vilim

Teilnehmerzahl / Besucher: appr. 950 visitors in three days

Veranstalter: ´The theatrical performance MINDSCAPE was realised within the framework of the platform culture central europe, which was created on the first conference of the “Regional Partnership” by the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia in June 2001. The platform aims to be a forum for cultural dialogue and projects in order to complement the bilateral and multicultural cooperation with activities founded on common Central European traditions and interests.

MINDSCAPE was financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Austria, co-financed by the Ministries for Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia and the Prince Programme of the European Commission and realised in cooperation with their Athens embassies. MINDSCAPE is supported by the Central Archaeological Council, Athens, the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and takes place under the auspices of the Hellenic EU - Presidency.


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